Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting The Feel of It: Introducing BioTalk

So folks this is in fact my blog. My name is Livingstone (don't ask me why). What's this blog all about? Well, first of all it's biological ramblings that will cover all aspects of biology from evolution and intelligent design to my thoughts on bioethics and the latest news in biology et al. You get the idea. This blog will also every now and then delve into what's going on in my own life and stuff like that.

   As this will be a blog primarily focusing on topics in the biological disciplines (most often biochemistry, of course) I will do my best to make the reading experience as painless as possible. Technical terminology will frequently be used and those without a technical background will probably be oblivious to what I am trying to say.
Thus, I am outlining the following, step-by-step guide of what to do in case you are completely and totally lost in the dense undergrowth of the technical world:
1. Relax. Take a deep breath.
2. Immediately after stumbling through one of my posts, get up and stare out the window, watching the cars and people go by, until the fogginess in your head clears.
3. Sit down and go to the comments section on this blog. Type out any questions you have regarding a post I have made.
4. I will respond to your inquiries and attempt to clear some of the haziness. Your inquiries are encouraged, and if I post an extremely technical piece of literature, and there is an absence of questions, I will be confident that no one is reading my blog anymore.
5. If all else fails, relax.

The comments section are there for the purpose of being used, so feel free to type out a 1000 word response to my post. Debate and civil discourse is encouraged, but keep it civil. Moreover, I have no sympathy for trolls and they will be dealt with appropriately.

So there you have it folks!
Introducing BioTalk! Ta-da!