Monday, December 27, 2010

The Comedy of Errors: A Response To "Darwin Killed God" Blog (Part 1)

Last night, I took a look at the comments of my blog post “Bad Design Disproves Intelligent Design? Really?” As I was reading the comments there, the aroma of nuts wafted towards my eyes – roasted nuts. Except that this guy thinks I’m nutty.
      A quick glance at his blog shook my confidence in human sanity (warning: this guy’s blog contains dozens and dozens of expletives). Of course, it’s obvious that he lacks even the most rudimentary knowledge and training in any of the biological sciences; and, for that matter, I am finding it difficult to believe that he even understands the basic methodology of science.
   In this Monday evening blog post, I will do my best not to come down too hard on this deluded atheist. Normally I wouldn’t spend my time responding to an individual of his intellectual caliber, but for lack of something else to blog about, I will make a response to particular blog posts of this guy.
    The first thing we notice when we go to his blog is his statement that,
 “Evolution does not need defending because it's a basic scientific fact.”

He then proceeds to write scores upon scores of blog posts defending evolution as a scientific fact. The shear volume of his textual nonsense is a remarkable testimony to the amount of time he has on his hands – time that should perhaps be used to contribute to the advancement of science, instead of rantings and ravings that simply do nothing to add to science’s advancement. The bulk of his rhetoric consists of the argument “Darwin right. Intelligent Design magic. Christians bad. Darwin right.”

Now, before we eviscerate his blog, we will respond to the comment he left on my blog.
Let’s begin.

 “Here's a translation of your gibberish that makes it more honest:

MAGIC as a scientific proposition, holds that certain features of the biological world are more adequately explained by a MAGIC MAN rather than a mindless process.”

Firstly, intelligent design does not invoke any magic. Intelligent design is a method of design detection, similar to SETI. Does SETI invoke magic? Or let me ask him the question in terms he might find more understandable:
(1)   Does the method of detecting intelligence in SETI science invoke magic?
(2)   Does the method of detecting intelligence in ID science invoke magic?
(3)   Why or why not?

Also note that ID does not define the designer, so the phrase “magic man” is silly.

 “By the way, Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne talks about "bad design" that makes perfect sense if evolution is true (it's true, evolution is a basic scientific fact).”

Please explain how the imperfect design of the flagellar motility system makes the origin of the flagellum more adequately explained in the light of evolution. This should be good.

 “One more thing. Magic is NOT a scientific proposition.”

I agree. Magic is not science. Intelligent design is science.

 “Scientists don't invoke magic…”

Intelligent design does not invoke magic either.

Now, we will respond to his blog with another post.


  1. "Intelligent design is a method of design detection"


    MAGIC is a method of MAGIC detection.

    Grow up and stop pretending your magic god fairy is a scientific idea.

  2. I notice that my comment was not allowed on your blog. I wonder why that could be? But that said, I find it very interesting that you in no way offered a rebuttal to most of my critique of your arguments. You only picked a small portion of what I said and even then your "rebuttal" of that consisted of nothing but more ranting and raving.

    "MAGIC is a method of MAGIC detection."

    I smell something along the lines of argumentum ad nauseum. In case you didn't know this, saying the same thing over and over again doesn't make it anymore true. But let's see here: define magic. This is going to be good.

    "Grow up and stop pretending your magic god fairy is a scientific idea..."

    ...said the fellow who doesn't know what science is, and who doesn't know a thing about biology. It's funny how you say I should grow up. Lovely.

  3. You're an evolution denier and you say I don't know what science is.

    Evolution is the foundation of biology. Did you know that?

    You're an uneducated moron, a liar, and a coward. That's what this is all about. You're afraid of evolutionary biology.

  4. "Evolution is the foundation of biology. Did you know that?"

    No, how would I know that?